Spring Flo

Spring Flo is a JavaScript library that offers a basic embeddable HTML5 visual builder for pipelines and simple graphs. This library is used as the basis of the stream builder in Spring Cloud Data Flow.

Quick Start
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Flo includes all the basic elements of an integration-flow designer such as connectors, control nodes, palettes, state transitions, and graph topologies—importantly, there is a textual shell, DSL support, and a graphical canvas designed for creating and reviewing comprehensive workflows.


  • Create, manage, and monitor stream pipelines using DSL, a graphical canvas, or both
  • Write pipelines via DSL with content-assist and auto-complete
  • See a visual representation of modules across a distributed deployment
  • Use auto-adjustment and grid-layout capabilities in the GUI for easier and more efficient organization of pipelines

Quick Start

Step 1 - Build Flo

Step 2 - Try Flo Samples

Step 3 - Try Spring Cloud Data Flow's Stream Designer