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The alternative to Roobot, easier to maintain and available for everyone, a place to find and keep track on third party addons and Roo Addon Suites.

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Roo Addon Suites

A Roo Addon Suite is a great way to package and distribute a set of add-ons together, for example if you want to distribute Roo custom distributions. Roo Addon Suite is based on OSGi R5 Subsystems that provides a really convenient deployment model, without compromising the modularity of Roo.

Roo Addon Suites
Description Repository
gvNIX gvNIX provides a suite of new features that increase development productivity and improve the user experience by integrating frameworks like jQuery, Bootstrap 3, Leaflet, DataTables, Dandelion DataTables, among other.

To submit your own Roo Addon Suite to this page, just send a pull request with the addition to Spring Roo repo’s gh-pages branch (roo_addons_suites.html file).

Thanks to the awesome community behind Spring Roo!

Getting Started

Spring Roo Addon Suites make it easy to manage 3rd party add-ons. To install a Roo Addon Suite:

  1. Run Spring Roo 2.0
  2. Install the URL of the repository that contains the Roo Addon Suite:

    roo> addon repository add --url http://host/repo/index.xml

    Look the table on the left, the REPOSITORY column contains the URL of the repository for each Roo Addon Suite published in this marketplace. Just copy it and feel free to use the URL in the command above.

  3. To know how many Roo Addon Suites contains the repository, you run the command below:

    roo> addon suite list --repository http://host/repo/index.xml

    You will see the list of Roo Addon Suite symbolic names available in that repository, something like:

    Getting all 'Roo Addon Suites' located on 'http://host/repo/index.xml' repository...
    2 Roo Addon Suites were found on 'http://host/repo/index.xml' repository
  4. Then install the Roo Addon Suite as follows:

    roo> addon suite install name --symbolicName [SYMBOLIC NAME OF THE ROO ADDON SUITE]

    On success installation you will see something like:

    Installing subsystem...
    Subsystem successfully installed: [SYMBOLIC NAME OF THE ROO ADDON SUITE]; id:

    Now you have new addons and commands in Roo, run help to see them.

Enjoy with Roo!